How disturbing is Mansion harmony with nature

The House of Lights in India, built by CUBISM Architects, is a stunning example of modern architecture that blends with its surroundings.

A rich plantation, stonework, exposed concrete blocks, and exquisite landscaping can be seen on the front of the house. The bland background of the room is brightened by the seaters near the foyer’s entry. Verandas, terraces, and a courtyard are included in the house so that residents can live an airy and cozy lifestyle.

The family’s living space is also a double-height, bright place with a little garden backdroped by luxuriant vegetation. A marble and wood staircase leads to the upper storey, and the skylight in the ceiling above mirrors the wooden stairwell. The southern corner of the site’s garden area features a water cascade wall that promotes tranquility.

On the western end of the land, which was surrounded by thick vegetation, was also constructed a false koi pond.

The courtyard area is also perfect for relaxing with family. The garden area, which is surrounded by lush flora and water features, also has an eating space.

To the east of the structure, a swing in the site’s garden offers a clear view of the building’s floor to ceiling windows. One is attracted in by the custom-made curved seater’s careful location in relation to its surroundings despite the open-sky court having double the height.

Additionally, the varied-pattern bricks and grills scatter the climbers and offer a natural appearance with their shadows, which alter throughout the day to produce various patterns on the floor. In addition to offering tranquility and security away from the busy pace of city living, this house represents a hierarchy of solitude and puts on a brave face to try to avoid unwelcome attention.

As the sun set on the horizon, the mansion stood tall, its design blending seamlessly with the surrounding beauty of nature. The lush gardens and sprawling trees embraced the grandeur, creating a harmonious sanctuary. It was a testament to the perfect union between human architecture and the tranquil power of the natural world: Mansion harmony with nature.

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