View Inside Tottenham Owner Joe Lewis’ $113 million Superyacht, Complete with a Tennis Court

And the owner of a remarkable £113 million superyacht that is 321 feet long, millionaire Joe Lewis of the Tottenham Hotspur, is proof of that.

The businessman from East End is rumored to reside on board the Aviva, which has been dubbed his mobile office after being discovered docked on the Thames.

Even better, it includes the first full-size indoor tennis court ever erected on a boat, along with every convenience an 85-year-old could desire.

New Balls

Lewis can play tennis without being on solid ground.

After all, he has a magnificent tennis court—the first of its kind—built into the Aviva for the enjoyment of himself and his visitors.
The court area is 20 meters long, 10 meters wide, and 6.65 meters high.
And it’s not just for tennis, as Reymond Langton, the yacht’s designer, explained.

Tottenham Owner Joe Lewi12s' Superyacht

The largest gym aboard any yacht, according to the British design studio, “is not just a lifestyle adjustment for the owner.

“When the court is not in use for padel (tennis), the net can be removed and the crew can play football and use other exercise equipment in the space.”

“After all, it is a sports hall.”

A mobile office

After owning and running a number of restaurants and nightclubs throughout the 1960s, Lewis became wealthy through currency trading. He now spends the most of the year aboard his boat.

Not merely for living a luxurious life, the Aviva is perfect for the Spurs boss to work remotely.

“I rely heavily on communication and information.” Lewis stated in an interview about his needs for his floating office.

“To be effective, I need reliable phones and internet; these have greatly improved in recent years, but they are still too expensive, too slow, and not consistently reliable.”

“Aviva is more than just an office; it’s also my home for the majority of the year.” So working from home, wherever Aviva is in the world, is relaxing for me.”

Additionally, it can be employed for amusement, as when he welcomed the Spurs team on board during their 2013 visit of the Bahamas.

Tottenham Owner Joe Lewis' Superyacht13

“I had never met him before, so it was nice to go over there and a great experience,” said then-skipper Michael Dawson.

“What a wonderful person. And that yacht is incredible! But he’s just a regular guy. You could discuss anything with him. He enjoys watching all of the games. We just sat there and talked. He made us feel very welcome there. It was unhurried. There was a lot of team bonding.”

Lewis, one of the richest men in the UK, resides in the Bahamas as a tax exile most of the time.

The Aviva, which can accommodate up to 16 guests, is also completely furnished for a life in the Caribbean.

The external leisure space consists of a circular set of lounging pads on the sun deck and smaller lounging pads towards the yacht’s bridge.

A fun swimming platform that opens into the water can provide you access to your own own beach area with Aviva tenders exiting side doors.

The superyacht is equipped with a speedboat and jet skis, two typical boy’s toys.


The Aviva, the 46th-longest yacht in the world, was constructed over the course of three years in Germany.

It has adequate characteristics as well.

It is propelled by a green drive system and has a top speed of 20 knots.

Less fuel is consumed thanks to the distinctive hull design and electric power.

The Aviva is surprisingly capable of 11 knots of electric-only cruising.

Where do we find one right now?

Tottenham Owner Joe Lewis’ Superyacht is named “Aviva,” and it is one of the most impressive yachts in the world. Tottenham Owner Joe Lewis’ Superyacht is truly a marvel of engineering and luxury, and it is a reflection of the billionaire’s immense wealth and success.

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