Discover Axioma’s Luxurious Features: Superyacht of the Kardashian Family Worth $75 Million

The motor yacht Axioma, formerly known as Red Square, offers renters a secure refuge where they may unwind in comfort. There are four outdoor settings that effortlessly blend into one another. Let’s explore this gorgeous mega yacht’s interior, which is furnished with an excellent staff and a variety of opulent amenities for leisure.

Superyacht of the Kardashian Family

The Turkish shipyard Dunya Yachts delivered the stunning $75 million vessel in 2013 under the previous name Red Square. The six-decker beauty has beautiful shapes and a stunning blue paint job thanks to Sterling Scott’s great exterior design. The interiors, which are contemporary and spotless, are the work of Alberto Pinto. The avant-garde guest cabins and lounge rooms have geometric inspirations, neutral hues, and a range of facilities. The double-height atrium with its magnificent ceiling decorated with gold-hued accents is the building’s most distinguishing feature.

Superyacht of the Kardashian Family1

Axioma includes the open mezzanine, elevator, and swim-up bar. The dynamic motoryacht has a panoramic view infinity pool, well-appointed fitness center, movie theater, steam, sauna, and massage rooms. Six opulent cabins on the main deck of the contemporary full displacement superyacht, each with a big window offering unbroken panoramic views, can seat 12 people. On the other hand, Axioma is more interested in what is outside of these large suites. She has the best amenities and is a wonderful entertainer.

Superyacht of the Kardashian Family2

These amenities have been thoughtfully positioned by the designers in settings that make the most of the environment. Unlike usual, the steam room, massage room, and gym are not on the lower floors. While the cinema has been moved below, where vistas, or lack thereof, don’t matter, they offer energizing and refreshing perspectives.

Superyacht of the Kardashian Family3

Axioma’s twin Caterpillar engines enable her to cruise at 12 knots for 6,000 nautical miles. Some of the most well-known celebrities in the world have visited this $75 million superyacht, one of the few Russian-owned superyachts that are available for hire.

In the Instagram image with the most likes in 2015, Kendall Jenner was seen curled up in one of Axioma’s hallways.

The supermodel was wearing a lovely lace gown in the image, which earned 3.2 million likes. Her hair was styled in the form of hearts.

In conclusion, the Superyacht of the Kardashian Family is an epitome of luxury and comfort that exemplifies the family’s lavish lifestyle. From its breathtaking exteriors to its opulent interiors, this vessel is a true masterpiece on the water. It offers an unmatched experience that allows the family and their guests to indulge in the finest amenities while exploring some of the world’s most picturesque destinations.

With the Superyacht of the Kardashian Family, every voyage is a journey of discovery, relaxation, and indulgence, leaving a lasting impression on all those fortunate enough to experience it.

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